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AccessoriesGreat Golf Memories offers a complete line of hole-in-one accessories. Whether your are looking for a gift for a friend who made a hole in one, or for yourself, we have a large selection of hole-in-one accessories. Select from hole-in-one ball markers, bag tags and divot tools. Get a personalized hole-in-one hat, towel or mug.

Maroon Hole in One Hat and Ball MarkerHO-I-HAT-MAROON
Can Be Personalized
Grey Hole in One Hat and Ball MarkerHO-I-HAT-GREY
Can Be Personalized
White Hole in One Hat and Ball MarkerHO-I-HAT-WHITE
Can Be Personalized
Brass Hole-In-One OrnamentHO-I-CBT1-ORN
Details engraved on back
Hole-In-One Glass Holiday OrnamentHO-I-ORNAMENT
3 Unique Styles
Brass Hole-In-One Bag TagHO-I-CBT
Details engraved on back
Hole-In-One Cafe MugHO-I-MUG2-HIO
Can Be Personalized
Single Mug or Set of 2
Hole-in-One Bar GlassesHO-I-SCG-03-344-HIO
Order 1 or Set
Male Hole-In-One Cafe MugHO-I-MUG2-M
Can Be Personalized
Single mug or Set of 2
Hole-In-One Tumbler GlassesHO-I-Tumbler
3 Sizes
Personalized Hole-in-One Golf TowelHO-LM-T1
Personalized Glass Christmas Golf OrnamentPZ-I-ORNAMENT
Male or Female
Hole-in-One TowelHO-I-T1
Hole-In-One Green Glass Holiday OrnamentHO-I-ORNAMENT-GRN
3 Unique Styles
Pocket Hole-in-One Ball MarkerHO-I-BM-PC
Personalized Green Glass Christmas Golf OrnamentPZ-I-ORNAMENT-GRN
Male or Female
Hole-In-One Bag Tag and Ball MarkerHO-I-BT-BM
Hole in One Repair ToolHO-I-DT
Hat Clip Hole-In-One Ball MarkerHO-I-BM-HC
Hole in One Towel HolderHO-I-TH
Option to include
Hole-in-one Towel
Personalized Hole-In-One Golf BallsHO-I-BALLS
Can Be Personalized
7 Ball Options
Hole in One DecalHO-I-Decal
Personalized Hole-in-One Hat Clip Ball MarkerHO-I-HC-ENG
Inlcudes engraved date
Custom Diamond-Tipped Engraved PlateHO-I-DT-Plate
Custom Lasered PlateHO-I-Laser-Plate
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