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Hole In One Plaques and TrophiesRecognize that great shot with one of these hole-in-one plaques, trophies or displays. Don't forget to add one of our unique hole-in-one ball markers or a hole-in-one bag tag with the details of your Hole In One on the back.
Hole In One Plaques and Trophies

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Acrylic Hole In One Display with Wood BaseHO-I-449
Includes ball marker
Hole-In-One Ball & Scorecard Shadow Box DisplayHO-I-412
Cherry or Oak
Includes Cover
Glass Dome with CaliperHO-I-451
Top Seller!
Hole-In-One Display - CherryHO-I-401-CHE
Made in USA
Ball and Scorecard DisplayHO-I-NCD-02
Holds 12"W x 5"H Scorecard
Cherry or Walnut
Rustic Hole-In-One AwardHO-BW-PLAQUE
3 Distinct Sizes
Hole-In-One Desk Top with IronHO-I-WG-4
Custom Made
Hole In One Ball and Scorecard PlaqueHO-I-490
Holds 8" x 6"card
Hole-In-One Shadow Box with Ball ShelfHO-I-406
Walnut Finish
Hole In One PlaqueHO-I-SCA
Male or Female
Oak or Cherry Finish
Ball & Scorecard Shadow BoxHO-I-410-RM
Includes cover
Glass Dome with Tee Hole-In-One TrophyHO-I-450
Includes Ball Marker
Hole-In-One with Iron PlaqueHO-I-WG-2
Hole-In-One Ball and Scorecard Display FrameHO-I-440
Hold various size scorecards
Easel back or hang on wall
Hole-In-One Shadow Box with CaliperHO-I-405
Walnut Finish
Hole in One Trophy Crystal Gem CutHO-I-470
Optical Glass
Ball and Scorecard DisplayHO-I-NCD-01
Holds 8Wx6H scorecard
Cherry or Walnut
Crystal Hole In One AwardHO-I-460
Beautiful Crystal Award
Hole-In-One Golfer 7x10 Acrylic Crescent AwardHO-I-485-M
Male or Female
Hole-In-One 7x9 Laser Etched Plaque with Brass PlateHO-I-493
7x9 Plaque
Acrylic Hole-In-One Golf Ball DisplayHO-I-445
Includes ball marker
Cherry Hole-In-One PlaqueHO-I-WG-1
Cherry Finish
#1 Hole in One TrophyHO-I-NUM1
Rosewood Finish

Hole-In-One CubeHO-I-430
Acrylic Hole-In-One Golf Ball DisplayHO-I-CW-01C
Includes ball marker
Hole-In-One Display - OakHO-I-401-OAK
Made in USA
Hole-In-One 6x8 Acrylic Crescent AwardHO-I-481
Hole-In-One 7x10 Acrylic Crescent AwardHO-I-482
Sandblasted Hole-In-One PlaqueHO-I-SCA-01
Cherry or Walnut
Wall or Shelf Display
Hole-In-One 7x9 Laser Etched PlaqueHO-I-491
7x9 Plaque
Hole In One Ball and Scorecard Plaque with Brass PlateHO-I-492
Holds 8" x 6"card
Hole-In-One Sandcarved PlaqueHO-I-SCA-U
Male or Female
Wall or Shelf Display
Hole-In-One Framed Ball DisplayHO-I-NCD-03
Cherry or Walnut
Hole-In-One 9x12 Laser Etched PlaqueHO-I-495-M
Male or Female
Framed Scorecard and Ball Shadow BoxHO-CCE-TCA
One of our finest plaques
Framed Hole-In-One Ball Shadow BoxHO-CCE-TGA
Highest quality framing
Hole-In-One Ball Display BoxHO-I-BOX-P
Hole-In-One Desktop Scorecard DisplayHO-I-418
Holds 8x6 Scorecard
Laser Etched Hole-In-One Ball Display BoxHO-I-BOX-1
Desktop Ball DisplayHO-I-425
Includes Ball Marker
Hole-In-One Desk Top DisplayHO-I-415
4" Square
Scorecard & Hole In One Personalized DisplaysHO-NCD-1005
Two Sizes
Cherry Hole-In-One Certificate FrameHO-I-CP400-C
8 1/2 x 11
Optional Certificate
Hole-In-One Certificate PlaqueHO-I-CTP-100
8 1/2" x 11"
Optional Certificate
Hole-In-One Shadow Box Certificate FrameI-DD-W5508
8" x 10"
Optional Certificate
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